About Us

At Pure Lush Extensions, we pride ourselves on ensuring your natural hair remains as healthy as possible (if not better!) whilst wearing hair extensions.

We solely work with the flat track weave method now after many years. After lots of trial and error, and lots of feedback over the years, we have found the flat track method to be the most discrete, natural looking, healthiest, least damaging method to be applied. This method seems to be our most popular, and most versatile method. From the thinnest or hair to the thickest - we have you covered.

You can trust us as your technician to install your extensions to ensure they blend seamlessly, and sit completely natural and undetectable in your hair.

I have spent years and a lot of research into ensuring the stock range is sufficient and high colour ranges to ensure seamless blends. Some sets require multiple tones to blend which is why all our hair comes bundled as 50g sets. Our hair range comes in over 30 colours, is completely natural remy human hair so the strands go all in on direction with no tangling, safe to colour (darker only recommended!), 20” is the most popular length, but we’ve got you covered right up to 32” if you prefer. The hair we use is double drawn, thick top to bottom so no straggly ends around here!

Over the many years, beginning in 2010, I have undertaken multiple training sessions; to ensure I am always up to date with current trends So you can trust you will always receive the most upmost service when attending our salon.

All our applications come with in-depth product knowledge and advice on how to ensure your extensions last, and your natural hair remains healthy. A lot of our clients find their natural hair in better condition, as not only do you look after it with nicer products, but the extensions take the brunt of the damaging styling that we do daily thus keeping the natural hair safe underneath.

Bare in mind - not all extensions are suitable for all hair, so please do not hesitate to ask as many questions as required or book in obligation free consult!